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Our skilled designers are here to discuss the specifics of your project either in-store or on-site consultation at your office, home or job site. 

We offer pick-up & delivery services between our framing facilities for the safety of your pieces and your convenience. 

Our art handlers offer expert installation in the Bay Area and other metropolitan areas.  

Custom picture frame workshop

Visual Merchandizing / Commercial Projects

Timeless design is key, particularly in a world where high-concept design can fall out of style in a matter of weeks. We specialize in creative, experiential marketing with a focus on exhibit-quality visual merchandising and retail store design. 

With this in mind, The Painters Place has its own production studio with a full-time staff of highly experienced craftspeople able to execute any task to the highest standards. 


For the  serious or casual art collector, for your convenience, we can pick-up your pieces and deliver them to our framing facilities. Merchandizing elements need to get to their destination quickly and efficiently.


For commercial framing, whether this is a flagship retail location or a small office, we can drop-ship to any wherein the country with installation instructions for your merchandising teams. Every installation has its own requirements -- from security hanging to French cleats -- our team brings decades of experience to every job. 

Hiroki Asai Installation

Frame Restoration

Restoration of frames, particularly gilding, always poses a challenge, but preserving and renewing an original frame is always rewarding.


Prior attempts at repair might include receiving loving hands of home gold paint treatments; or ornamental details that have broken off or are gone altogether. The Painters Place gilders have decades of experience breathing new life into tired old frames. 

Example frame restoration

The Painters Place matting and conservation

Matting & Conservation

Development of paper making in the fifteenth century led to artists creating prints from engraved plates. Production of multiple images became possible and for the first time, art became widely accessible.


Print making continues to be one of the most prevalent forms of fine art and is being taken into the 21st century by digital printing technology.


The downside to this new medium was that the art was much more delicate and required protection from things like dust, mold, and other environmental hazards. The Painters Place knows how to matt and conserve these fragile collections so they can be safely displayed.

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