Designing frames for mirrors means we are not bound by the needs of a piece of art. The frame becomes the only limitation and the skills of the craftsmen are pushed to new heights by creative designs. 

A framed mirror is a piece of furniture and can be tailored to fit any decor. Properly designed and installed, it can transform a space by changing light patterns, giving the illusion of more space or mimicking a window. 

Come visit one of our showrooms to design a framed mirror that fits your decor. 

We make custom size bulletin boards in an array of materials; cork, chalk, magnetic and dry erase. These can be a perfect item for a kitchen, office or children's bedroom. 

We have a selection of beautiful hand-finished and environmentally-friendly frames.  Because The Painters Place is using recycled materials and American woods, we offer a sustainable framing solution and pass on the savings to you!

The Painters Place offers a diverse selection of acrylic custom frame options. Acrylic picture frames are durable, scratch-resistant and break-resistant. Lucite, a high-quality acrylic, is also safer to use in commercial environments than cheap plastic or glass. 

Steel frames are a unique alternative or complement to traditional picture frames. It is a versatile and eye catching way to display pictures, and is great for drawing attention. 


We are happy to introduce our two-way framed mirrors that are custom finished and sized to fit your flat screen TV. 

In addition, we can frame any inset or wall hanging TV without a mirror, and custom finish it for you. 

Please contact us for any questions. 


In each of our three stores, we sell a variety of vintage, antique, one-of-a-kind item and frames. They make wonderful and unique gifts for that someone special.

A corner carve adds a subtle elegance to a frame. Skilled artisans at The Painters Place offer a wide variety of corner carves, including traditional and contemporary styles. Corner carves can be added to any frame provided the moulding allows it, and adds a sense of movement to a picture frame. 


A raised element can add a unique decorative ornament, and can be combined with carving to add beauty and texture to a picture frame. 


Arranging photos on a wall is a wonderful way to capture your family's  story but doing it so it doesn't feel cluttered can be a daunting task. Whatever frame you like, The Painters Place can make this challenging task a fun trip down memory lane and to create a family display you can be proud of.


We can also offer professional family photo installation, particularly useful for  spacing issues and hard-to-reach places.