Watch as one of our craftsmen hand-glids a picture frame, a meticulous, skilled process that The Painters Place offers in gold or white gilding for existing or custom-designed frames.

Our craftsmen know how to  hand-finish any frame, from dusting carbon to, to and more.... We have an extensive production facility at our east bay location that can easily respond to your most extensive  specialty framing needs. 

Custom-frame building in our East Bay wood shop. 

Antique picture frames frequently need cleaning, have broken pieces needing repaired, or might require conservation and restoration of original gilded surfaces. The Painters Place cleans, re-gilds, reinforces damaged corners and replaces broken sections of your cherished antique frame.

We have a selection of beautiful hand-finished and environmentally-friendly frames.  Because The Painters Place is using recycled materials and American woods. We do not promote exotic imported hardwoods, rather, we offer a sustainable framing solution and pass on the savings to you!

The Painters Place offers a diverse selection of acrylic custom frame options. Acrylic picture frames are durable, scratch-resistant and break-resistant. Lucite, a high-quality acrylic, is also safer to use in commercial environments than cheap plastic or glass. 

Steel frames are a unique alternative or complement to traditional picture frames. It is a versatile and eye catching way to display pictures, and is great for drawing attention. Each order is custom-welded, then hand-finished using grinding and patina solutions. 

A corner carve adds a subtle elegance to a frame. Skilled artisans at The Painters Place offer a wide variety of corner carves, including traditional and contemporary styles. Corner carves can be added to any frame provided the moulding allows it, and adds a sense of movement to a picture frame. 


A raised element can add a unique decorative ornament, and can be combined with carving to add beauty and texture to a picture frame. 


Arranging photos on a wall is a wonderful way to capture your family's  story but doing it so it doesn't feel cluttered can be a daunting task. Whatever frame you like, The Painters Place can make this challenging task a fun trip down memory lane and to create a family display you can be proud of.


We can also offer professional family photo installation, particularly useful for  spacing issues and hard-to-reach places.