Margo Schmidt Puppet Project in progress: Black Forrest Puppets were purchased on a trip. Puppets went to a fabric conservator who cleaned and did minor fixes. The Painters Place crafted an acrylic box with a mirror back fabric floor. Final installation below. 

3-Dimensional objects

The Painters Place has abilities to display 3-D objects custom designed to each piece. For instance, we can mount them on a pedestal, encase them in acrylic boxes, or design any custom platform.


Acrylic Boxes are frames made out of clear acrylic. The sides and face are bonded together as one and laid over a platform, typically covered in fabric, on which the art piece is mounted. Acrylic boxes make excellent displays for object art when we want the frame to have minimal aesthetic impact. They can be deep to allow for a large object, or shallow to have a low profile that just clears the art.

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